Friday, 23 December 2011

While you all were snug in your beds...(except Steph who was busy delivering my great nephew Jessie congratulations) we spent the day at a water park.....just us and about two million elementary kids. At least half of them were armed with water guns and we were trapped in the crossfire the whole way down the lazy river. Cute right? Ugh. There was however a no fire safety zone for foreigners aka "sunbath area for foreigners". The locals don't sunbathe. Worked for me. We were able to sit there alone and use a private bathroom just for ourselves. Strange feeling considering the number of people in the park. Em and I went down a tube slide and I got so much water up the nose that I stuck to the lazy river after that. Both Phil and Em did the zip line with a drop into the pool and Mal and Phil did the Kamakazi slide! It was a very refreshing way to spend a very hot day. With the humidex it is in the 40's i'm sure and with the exhaust from all the motorbikes it is down right steamy downtown. Emily is a very happy girl though because she finally set foot in a Hello Kitty store! She bought a few t-shirts and a pj bottom. Life is good!


  1. Et pendant que vous et nous etions entre les bras de Morphee,la terre a revetue son manteau blanc du cote d'Ottawa : c'est beau !
    Mais bon, ca ne va pas vous faire pleurer je sais... Enjoy your sun and don't forget to bring some back with you :)

  2. I miss you Nathalie! So happy to hear from you. Joyeux Noel a toute la famille!

  3. Awesome Hello Kitty Store!!!! <333 omgg