Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I love Dalat!

What a spectacular day in Dalat! Yesterday we spent 8 hours on a bus to get here and it was totally worth it! We left the hotel this morning and went on a cable car ride from one mountain tip to another. The city has a major French influence and reminds me of an asian version of Mont Tremblant. I aboslutely love it! Because we are up in the mountains it is of course cooler but the air is fresh and the water in the lakes is clear. So much cleaner than any other area we have been to. We visited the beautiful grounds of a temple and then took a boat ride to get to where the elephant was waiting to greet us. We were all in awe! We all had a ride and fed the elephant some sugar cane stalks. Malcolm had taken a few bananas from the breakfast buffet at the hotel as a treat for Big Elphie and he loved it. Definitely the highlight of the trip so far for Malcolm and probably for the rest of us too! We then relaxed a bit in the hammoks enjoying the view of the elephant and the thatch roofed huts. So beautiful! Like that wasn't enough amazingness for one day, there was more! We went on a ride down a mountain that was like a roller coaster but not. You sit in a bobsled-like thing that is on a roller coaster-like track that snakes down a flower filled mountain. It's different from a coaster because you control the spead yourself. (maybe they have something like this in Canada but I havn't seen it) You have to stay 25m behind the car in front of you so you pull on your brake to slow yourself down. The view is spectacular and at the bottom there is an amazing waterfall. I love Dalat! Unfortunatley our camera's battery ran out at the elephant attraction so we couldn't take any photos of the ride. Poopy. Oh well, we are back at the hotel now for a rest and then we'll go for a walk to the night market. Did I mention I love Dalat? It is my favorite city so far. We leave tomorrow to go to Nga Trang which is back down the mountain by the ocean. The adventure continues!

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