Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What a fabulous day we had yêsterday! After a minor (well...) meltdown The night before brought ơn by extreem lack of sleep and an overwhelming feeling of cluelessness, and sèlf conciousness (hey, i'm a woman who is used to being a size M ôr L not XXXXL and no woman likes to jump up 4 sizes when she's not êven eating dessert) Anyway, like i was saying, yesterday was great! After a fabulous breakfast and a long walk up the steps of a beautiful mountain side temple (Em took lots of pictures to prove to her gym teacher, that she has been excersising haha) the boys went to the Beach and Cam (Phils's niece) took Emily and I shopping at a little market where Emily had 3 pairs of shoes made for her (you choose a pre made base and a decorative strap and they put it together) Em fit the biggest size they had, I was out of luck! It was so nice to be just the girls but we had to have Phil on speed dial to translate when my attempt at sign language wasn't working. Then she took us to a hair salon for a hair washing and head massage. Very nice! Later on we met up with the boys again who "forgot" to put sun lotion and could have been mistaken for freshly cooked lobsters. Gotta go! More sightseeing in Vung Tau this morning the we head back to Phil's sister's.

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