Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Another beautiful day in Phu Quoc. We hired a driver for the day to visit all the sites. We visited (and shopped at) two pearl farms, we toured a winery, a fish sauce plant (would that be a saucery? It sure was stinky!), a waterless waterfall (they should really call it a rock garden since the water all dried up) and the Phu Quoc prison museum where Phil's sister's late husband was a prisoner of war from 1967 to 1973. (they met after he was realeased at the end of the war and they were married in 1976. (I was 5) and last but so not least we went to a beautiful beach and swam in the ocean. Remember how I told you that Phil's niece Cam doesn't like the sun to touch her skin? Well, we got to the beach and there were these beautiful tiki style huts to sit in that provided plenty of shade, chairs and a table and you could order lunch. I figured Cam would hide out in the hut the whole time to keep out of the sun but she surprised me! She let me know in the "language" she and I share, that she would like to go to the water so I offered her a towel to wrap around her to block her from the sun. I thought maybe she wanted to feel the soft white sand between her toes or maybe even get her feet wet for a few minutes. She took the towel from me, put on the traditional cone hat and walked right in to the water with Em. Towel and all! This girl is serious about keeping the sun off her skin!
There is a night market right beside our hotel. A real hotspot for visitors to the island for food and shopping. Heading back out there now for a bit and then tucking in for a good night sleep. We fly back to Can Tho tomorrow and then head to the big city (Saigon) for three nights.

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