Sunday, 11 December 2011

Good morning from Vietnam

Hello everyone!!! We are not in Kansas (Kanata) anymore Toto!!! And I couldn't be happier about it. Vietnam is an incredible place. I was in need of an adventure and an adventure we are getting. Everything I look at is different from home. I got pretty chocked up at the first orphanage we went to when we were visiting with the beautiful babies that where abandoned at the doorstep for reasons unknown. But as we were leaving we met a young couple who were feeding the little one they were in the process of adopting and I left with the hope that each of these little wonderes would find the same fate. Rest assured though that even if they are not adopted they are certainly loved by the wonderful caregivers. Emily and Malcolm are bonding well with the children here. There is a distant cousin Emily's age who is loving being with her despite the language barrier. There are many sharred smiles and giggles. Her little sister is Malcolm's age and is absolutely adorable. Mal is getting used to all the attention he's getting though he found it "awekward" at first. Both kids are drawing attention where ever they go...if I am, it is not as obvious.Anyway we are off to Vung Tau today to meet more relatives....the adventure continues!

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