Friday, 30 December 2011

Images of the Crazy Bus Ride

The infamost "Bus Ride" .....
I must say the scenary was SPECTACULAR!
- It was like we were in the set of Avatar or Jurasic Park. Imagine yourself flying thru the rain forest with large and tall trees below over cliffs and valleys.
The road was UNIMAGINABLE!
- Winding through the moutains there were lots of ups and downs .... literally. Mud slides, potholes, rolling bolders, edge drops, shear mountain, beautiful waterfalls, .....

Sorry the photos are not in the order of sequence:
1. kids standing on the edge of the road. you can see the road winding down below.
2. incredible there are people living along side of this road with absolutely nothing else around them.
3. view of the drop from where we were standing. Pretty huh
4. The victim bus.

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