Wednesday, 14 December 2011


As promised here are some photos of banh khot.
1. Truong Duon Ket's entrance
2. School courtyard
3. Breakfast ..... awesome
4. Sugar cane pressing machine

btw: I went out with the girls (Hue and Cam) last night to check out Vung Tau's night life but since it had rained in the evening the streets were empty. We ended up stopping by a Hu Tieu lieng (throw) place on Ba Cu street around 11pm. Each got a bowl of hu tieu mi, great bedtime snack!

Cam is taking Emily and Carol shopping all afternoon as the boys hanging around the hotel and the beach. They just called and they are heading over to the spa as I speak. I'll take Malcolm to get him some food. He's been having a hard time eating true Vietnamese food.



  1. Great to hear you enjoy it! We are looking to read the blog every day. Hopefully Mal will get on with the food soon ;-)

    BTW, Vung Tau night life only happens on weekends but on a week night, it's nice just to troll along the beach and enjoy the breeze.

  2. Wow! That sugar cane drink looks good. I miss those <3
    Have you guys got to ride the motorbikes yet? :-)