Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Okay, i realize that things could be a lot worse and that in the grand scheme of things a little pink eye is not that big of a deal but it has now spread to her other eye and i'm scared the rest of us will have it by morning. As I was saying on facebook, the hotel staff will be calling the exorcist when they see us with our red eyes. And what if they don't let us back on the plane to the mainland? Sure we'd be stranded on a tropical paradise island but all they serve here is seafood and the kids and I don't like seafood. Not that it matters if I eat or not, i just end up in the washroom anyway. It's funny, Cam asked Phil why I would want to come to Phu Quoc if I don't eat seafood.....my question to her was why would she come with us if she doesn't want the sun to touch her? She is so desperate to not let her skin get any darker that she carries an umbrella all the time and even had Em and I switch seats with her in the van while in motion because we had changed direction and the sun was getting her. I have to say though that she does have beautiful, unblemished skin!
We never did make it to the pearl farm today but will likely go tomorrow. Apparently there is a big storm in the Phillipines that is headed toward Vung Tau which is where we were last week. It rained here this evening for a few hours but nothing too serious. Okay, bed time.

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