Monday, 12 December 2011

December 13

Happy Birthday Đad!!!! I'm thinking òf home today with it being Đad's birthday and Stephanie's due date. Yesterday we went to Vung Tau to mêet some relatives. It was very nice to see their happy faces when they spoke to Phil. It hás bêen a little strange for me though to be so quiet being that I am a people person and all! My cheeks are sỏre from smiling so much to make up for my language dísability. Today we go back to Vung Tau to stay in a hotel for a few nights so we can swim in the ocean.

Lást night Phil decided to give the women hểre a break and make them a "north American" meal...spaghetti òf course! Unfortunately Ỏregano and Italian spices are not easily found in a grocery store here, nore is Ceasar salad dressing. Oh well, we improvised. I made gảrlic toást with something resembling the taste òf margarine, crushed gảrlic and a salt like pơwder. Ìf they đidn't like it they sure đidn't show it. Phil plans to make a turkey dinner for Christmas.....that ought to be interesting. Thank goodness he's an amazing improvisational chèf!

Please excuse the Viet accents, I don't know hơw to get rid òf them but they sort òf put a Vietnamese slant on my message which ís very fitting. We've bêen eating lóts òf delicious fruit including one called "breast milk"...yeah....once you get your head around the name of it it ís quite delicious! One mỏre thing about know hơw we were looking so forward to eating lóts ò Pho (noodle soup)? Well it túrns out the oh so popular dísh back home ís really only served at breakfast so Malcolm hásn't bêen able to order it in the nice restaurants we've bêen going to.

Emily and I are having beautiful traditional vietnamese dresses made while we're hểre and had our measurments taken and fabrics chosén yesterday.They òf course will have to be creative while making mine because the intricut fabrics don't come long enough for my height.....funny story about height....Phil's nieceses are very self concious about being short and I am very self concious about being an amazon woman....we're even! To put things into pếrspective, you all know that Emily ís considered height challenged among hẻr péers, well hểre she ís considered ìf she ís considered tall that makes me freakishly large nẽxt to thế beautiful dainty women. On that fine note I múst go dơwn and eat beakfast now. I went to bed later lást night managing to stay up pást 9pm but I was still awake again at 4am. I feel like half a day hás gone by already and I'm starving! mmmmm breast milk......


  1. Merci de nous faire partager tout ca and I <3 the accents :)

  2. mmmmmmm......gotta love breast milk! Is mangosteen or jackfruit in season?? What's the weather been like? Love reading the daily blog.......