Sunday, 18 December 2011

We are just waking up for the last time in Can Tho (i know how to spell it now) and I've had my second full night sleep. Thank God! Some other good news is that the swelling in my feet is going down. Turns out my continued plumbing problem is a blessing in disguise because i am no longer feeling as bloated as the goodyear plimp. Again, thank God!. The weather has been steadily in the 30's with humidity making it feel like 40's. I gave up wearing my hair down because it was just frizzing out of control!
Yesterday was a very relaxing day. We woke up and went to the floating market. We got on a rickety little wooden boat and were rowed between many bigger boats selling fruit, drinks even Pho noodle soup! If you couldn't see inside their boat they had a big stick/post sticking up with a sample of what they were selling hanging from the top. Some smaller boats would weave in and around the bigger ones and latch on to our boat to give us a taste of their fruit to entice us to buy. At one point i just about had a heart attack as we were all focused on the left side of our boat watching Chi Hai make a purchase of more Breast Milk (remember that's a fruit), we were rammed into on the right side of us with purpose. For a split second i thought we were under attack, that pirates were about to board our little island of splintered safety and have us for breakfast but as i spun around I saw an old woman with a huge grin yelling Hi! We were all startled but quickly relaxed and had a good laugh as she said hi again and asked us to buy some drinks.
After buying more fresh fruit, Mr Honk Happy drove us to a tourist garden where we strolled along and looked at flowers, crocodiles and of all things, a monkey show! Mal loved the monkeys! They were riding around on bikes and doing all kinds of tricks. Several hundred moskito bites on Em's legs later, we went back to the hotel for a break. Emily went straight to Facebook but of course all of her friends were snug as bugs snoring in their beds back home. We are looking forward to flying to the island of Phu Quoc (pronounced fu woc) around noon today where we are expecting white sandy beaches and more sightseeing.


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