Saturday, 24 December 2011

Just over 15 minutes to Christmas and since we don't have a tree in our hotel room (other than the one Emily cut out of a sheet of paper) and I can't steal the one from the lobby (thought about it but it is too tall to fit in the elevator and taking the stairs would be too much work) I have decided to just borrow the lobby area for our Christmas gift giving. Our usual tradition is to get up whenever the kids wake us up but this year we will wake Mal (Em is still awake) at midnite so that we can have the lobby to ourselves. Phil thinks I'm crazy but it's not the first time he goes along with a plan he doesn't agree with. If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy and mama wants a Christmas with a tree, gifts and stockings! Even if the stockings are a pair of socks I bought at the market! Who needs a fancy stocking....hanging on a fancy mantle....above a fancy sparkling cozy fire? Not me. Nope. I've got plenty of heat here in Vietnam and while you're all singing Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire I actually SAW chestnuts roasting on an open fire out on the street while doing my last minute shopping. Oh I know you're jelous but the truth is, as wonderful as it is to be here, I miss Christmas at home! Oh hey, it's 12:05...Merry Christmas everyone!!! Love you all!!! And Happy Birthday to Ron, Andrew and Suzanne! Did I miss anyone? Time to give Santa a hand getting the gifts under the tree and wake Mal.....

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