Saturday, 10 December 2011

Good Morning Vietnam!

Today is our 1st full day in Vietnam.
WOW this is Vietnam on a Saturday morning (photo #3). We saw more new things in the last 12 hours than we had ever seen before. We tried to cross the street was nearly impossible (photo #1) but we did. Wouldn't want to try doing that too many times. But again we may become pros if we keep doing that and got the hang of it. The motorcycles criss-crossing like there is no tomorrow! Where are they coming from or going to??? It's amazing how cars and motorcycles and bicycles and pedestrians all sharing the road at the same time without an accident (at least I didn't see it) see attached photo #2.
Anyways the jetlag is really hitting Carol and the kids today. It's now 11pm as I am finally sitting down to update this blog Carol and the kids are wiped and still sleeping since 3 o'clock this afternoon. They managed to get up for supper then back to bed they went. I on the other hand am wide awake. I know my (letlag) time will come, I hope it wont leave a mark when it hits me but right now I am having a great time.
Just finished Skyping mom and Vu in Ottawa and it seems so strange to be sitting on the other side of the screen. Now I know exactly sister's camera's background when she calls over. hahaha

Until Day #3 ..... so (Hoa) long



  1. Good to hear that you made it there safe and sound. Now let the adventure begin!


  2. Wow! Looks like a blast. How's the weather over there? :-)

    - Lisa T.

  3. Nicee pictures! Cant wait to see more! Carol you looked a little nervous crossing the street there! lol, Hope you recover from jetlag soon, so you can start enjoying your trip! love you guys<3
    - the viels

  4. I was terrified crossing the street. There are no walk signs in fact there aren't even any lights you just have to start walking and hope the moving vehicles go around you. There doesn't seem to be any rules on the road, you just drive until you come up to someone else and then you honk your horn like crazy until they move out of your way. It seems to work for them but it's making my blood pressure sky rocket! Em and Mal just finished jumping waves in the ocean and now we get to go shopping. It started to rain for the first time since we got here.