Saturday, 24 December 2011

Well, we've had our Christmas in the lobby. I'll admit it was a little strange to see vespa's wizzing by outside the window during our little private moment and the guy working the desk acted like we weren't even there. Lol It took a while to wake Malcolm and I'm not entirely convinced that he ever was truly awake. We did manage to get him to stumble into the elevator on his own two feet to find the tree and gifts 7 floors below us. He was so hard to wake that i concidered waiting until morning to open the gifts but Emily was very determined to go ahead as scheduled. It was funny because when it came time to wake Mal she admitted to me that she would prefer not to go down to the lobby but when i told her that if we didn't have to worry about using the lobby when it was empty we could wait until morning, she quickly relented!
The stockings were stuffed with an asian pear, pocky-like chocolate covered sticks, gum, Christmas tree shaped candy cane on a stick, ritz crackers and oreo cookies for a taste of home and for Em a Hello Kitty watch and Mal a dragon pendant necklace.
Mal's main gift was a scooter and Em's was a Hello Kitty baking apron so she can bake in style! They were happy so i was too!:) hope you all enjoy your Chritmas traditions but most of all enjoy each other! Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS wherever you are!!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you guys!
    Ron nic josh and Jaide