Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Vung Tau

It's so nice to see comments! :) the weather is 30 degrees and humid. Phil is sweating but the rest of us are completely loving it! We just had lunch in a little seaside restaurant and bought some Vietnamese apples to munch on. They taste a little like a granny smith but they have a pit instead of seeds. On our way out of Hoa Long (where phil's sister lives) we stopped at a coffee house with his two nieces in Ba Ria. His nieces have been absolute dolls!!! They are in their 30's and know how to make things happen. Going to the beach now so the kids can pick up sea shells.


  1. Howdy:) pick some shells for our collection!
    Josh and Jaide

  2. Since you love comments...following your iAdventure is **very** heartwarming even if what you are sharing is just scratching the surface. I feel privledged and enjoy Carol's prose and humour. Phil buddy you must be completly exhausted at each days end. All the best may God protect and guide you on your iAdventures.