Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas Eve from Saigon

Last night here so I thought we'd make the best of it. Cam took us downtown this evening to see the lights and people who are celebrating Christmas in Saigon. It was crazy crazy crazy! If you think Canada Day in Ottawa was crazy with the crowd of 100,000 just multiply that by 10 then add a couple of million people mixed in with the motobikes ..... voila, you have Christmas Eve in Saigon. When you're in Rome you do what the Romans do so we decided to take a walk from our hotel which on a normal day would only take 15 minutes to the downtown (Ben Thanh and Dong Khoi Street). Tonight it took us 1 hour to get there. The taxis were all refused to drive downtown because they wouldn't be able to get too far. It was an unbelievable site to see. The funny thing was the majority of the population are not catholic. They just wanted to be there, period!



  1. Haha hey Mal, were iPho shirt buddies now... :-)

  2. That's right Lisa! We finally found them.