Tuesday, 6 December 2011

December 6

Okay, can I just say ........WE ARE DONE WORK FOR 2011!!!!! I swear I won't rub it in , I just had to spit it out one time. Actually, Phil and I are done but the kids go in for the morning tomorrow. Emily has a big project due tomorrow with an oral presentation. She's been feeling a little bitter about having only one week to prepare while the rest of the class gets three but in true Emily fashion she is determined that she will rock this thing! ( and I have full confidence)
So, bags are packed (pretty much), Christmas gifts have been wrapped and either delivered or put under the tree, bathrooms cleaned and ready for family to use the house while we're gone.......why do I feel I am forgetting something.......I know I should be sleeping now but hey it's almost noon in Vietnam!


  1. Mille merci pour votre chaleureuse attention qui nous va droit au coeur.
    Comme si vous n'aviez rien d'autre a faire avant votre depart...
    Mettez-vous en plein les yeux et le coeur. On vous embrasse <3