Sunday, 1 May 2016


Hello readers,
After a 2 year hiatus in BloggingLand, I am back!

I have an opportunity to travel for work to Tel Aviv Israel in early June this year. Needless to say I am more than excited to take the opportunity and try to capture this incredible trip as much as I can. If you are reading this post then you already know how I feel about travelling. I love it!

There is roughly over a month left before I hit the road. I am trying to learn HRG the government travelling system to get my paperwork ready for the trip. Well, I learned that HRG is a terrible system to use but then again it's government after all. Nothing makes sense!

I spent 2 weeks on HRG and with lots of help from colleagues I think I finally got it ... this time. Because I will definitely need help if I have to use it again. Sadly! But I am happy to say that I have the itinerary for the trip! woohoo!! Now it feels more real. The itinerary is as follows:

Saturday June 4th
Ottawa YOW to Toronto YYZ
Toronto YYZ to Tel Aviv TLV

Saturday June 11th
Tel Aviv TLV to Frankfurt FRA
Frankfurt FRA to Ottawa YOW

I've been doing some research on what to expect in the Holyland. Israel is full of history and adversities. The people are nice and welcoming. I learned that Tel Aviv is the second biggest city in Israel behind Jerusalem. It's full of life and promises and I can't wait to experience that with my own eyes. There are a few things I'd like to takeaway from this trip. First and foremost the foods, coffee, local beers, may do some shopping in the HaCarmel St market and along Sheinkin St., art galleries on Ben Yehuda St., swim in the Mediterranean Sea, Rothschild Blvd, and ......

Unfortunately this is a work trip so I won't have time to explore outside of Tel Aviv. Maybe the next trip I'll go the Dead Sea to experience the salty waters! So my next post it will be from the actual trip.

Until then,