Monday, 19 December 2011

Good news!

I just put the second dose of drops in Em's eye and it definitly looks like there is improvement and so far no one else has it. Thank God!
It's almost 1 pm and we still haven't left the hotel. We are enjoying a more relaxed pace here. We ' ve been for a swim in the ocean and i've already had my second poolside massage since arriving yesterday. They cost the equivalent of $5 for 35 minutes of pure heaven. He noticed how wound up tight my muscles were and said it was causing problems with my nerves. (i've been having numbness in my arms for months now, likely job related) Anyway, he is going to work on me twice a day to try and help me before I leave but he said he'll only have time to get me 75% better because we leave on Thursday and it would take a week to fix me. Of course Phill had to translate that info for me because he doesn't speak English. As an added bonus he can also read faces and told Phil that he and I will do okay financially but never be rich. Our success will come from doing a good job with our children so don't spoil them. He said they know we love them so we shouldn't spoil them with things. He said they are both very bright and will be very successful. He said Emily is more like me and Malcolm is more like Phil personality wise. He also said that Phil looks like his mother (cheeks) and has a strong maternal side. The kids will be very close to him even more than to me. He said I was very easy going and would stay with Phil forever. I wish I could have understood him because Phil couldn't remember everything the man said.
Anyway, I think we're going to try to see the pearl farm this afternoon and then get back for my evening muscle is good!

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