Saturday, 9 July 2016


WOW what a day! I can't believe I am finally here in Tel Aviv as I was dreaming and talking about it for months. I was going to keep blogging my trip as I go along, well, I tried up to leaving the Ottawa airport. Then the flight from Ottawa to Toronto was delayed by half hour due to weather in Toronto. Anyhow, Plane arrived in Terminal 1 around 3:50pm instead of 3pm as per schedule and the connection flight was at 4:30pm so there wasn't much time to dangle. Gate E at Terminal 1 was way far and that took about 12 minutes to get to. I started boarding as I got there.

The ride from Toronto to Tel Aviv on Boeing 787-900 was a real treat. The treatment was fantastic with choices of food and drinks in business class. I really enjoyed that, A shout out to Mark and Mona the flight attendances for doing an amazing job keeping the business class guests relaxed and happy.

Besides the great hospitality from Mark and Mona the 10 hour flight across the Atlantic was uneventful. Not much to look at down below plus it got dark into night time for half the trip until we were flying over Greece as the day breaks. The plane hit over 1000 km/h speed and 40,000 ft in altitude. The ride was so smooth.. We arrived at Ben Gurion Airport on time at 10am local time. It took a while to go through customs before luggage claim. Once I got through customs I rushed to retrieve my only checked luggage and just to find out it never showed up on the carousel. I looked and looked and no luggage. The luggage is lost! Filled out the paperwork and hope they will find it and return it soon. I had most of my clothing and work documents in the luggage. Damn it!

Then I took a taxi right to the hotel. The taxi driver must have been in a hurry because he was stepping on the pedal to the metal clicking in 135 km/h on the highway. Anyways he was entertaining giving out tips on the city. I was happy to arrive at the hotel in one piece!!

Then I checked in at the Isrotel Tower Hotel and the front desk said the room is not ready so I had to wait. Good thing I had packed a pair of shorts and some T shirts in the carry on that I changed into to take a walk along the beach strip of Tel Aviv. The beaches were crazily busy with young and old Isrealis came out to enjoy the Meriterannean waters. It felt like 1000 degrees outside it was hot and humid.

On the way back to the hotel I decided to stop by a ATM to advance some cash. Stick the credit card into the machine and follow the instruction. All of a sudden the machine decided to reboot itself. So it kept my credit card so I thought I most it. The ATM started rebooting itself and 8 munites later it spits out my card. What a day!!

Came back to the hotel at 2:30 to find out the room is still not ready yet. So I awaited again in the lobby. 3pm the room is ready!

I am sticky and exhausted. All I wanted to do is to go for a shower and a nap.

Good 1st night.

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