Friday, 8 July 2016


Today is the day, I'll be heading to the Ottawa International Airport at 10 this morning. I am looking forward to checking out the Maple Leaf Lounge at the airport for the first time. There they serve food and drinks to executive guests to enjoy before and during transit.

It's overcast today in Ottawa which I will not able to see out the window for a good view of the city. It also calls for wet weather in Toronto later on today.

I am on the phone now to activate my brand new BlackBerry that I finally got for this trip. The wait time is around 30 minutes .... go figures!! Ordered the damn phone 2 months ago and just arrived in a nick of time right before I leave work yesterday so now I need to activate for it to work. ARRRG

Had a great night with buddy Wayne at the RA Centre playing our first racquetball game in over a month. Now we go off on travel duties and won't be back until end of July. :(

Spent the other half of my night packing the suitcases. I carried 3 binders of work materials that I need for this mission which I will leave 1 behind for the Chancery. Anyways, I think I packed enough clothes for 2 weeks but I do hope the hotel offers laundry service. At the end I managed to squeeze everything in 1 large suitcase and one carry on. There should be

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