Sunday, 10 July 2016


They put me to work today.... on a Sunday! Well I quickly found out Israelis work from Sunday to Thursday and 1/2 Friday so they can go on Shabat Friday and Saturday every week.

I was glad to get to work today to find out my new furniture fit in the new space perfectly.  breath easier now!! It took all afternoon to complete and it looks great. I came back to the hotel only to find out my lost luggage has arrived while I was away. It went to Munich before heading to Tel Aviv. Phew!!

I got wicked blisters on my feet that from the heat and no proper sandals as all my sandals and flip flops were in the lost luggage.Thanks the lord the baggage has arrived.

Have you been receiving the new posts that I sent to you lately?

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  1. Have read 7 articles...Awesome to follow you Buddy!