Friday, 8 July 2016


Membership has its privileges! Going business class allows me to enjoy the famous Air Canada's Maple Leaf Lounge all over the world or wherever AC flies.

The Lounge located on the second floor left of the secured departure gates. The entrance is kind of discreet with a single sign on the entrance door. You have to take an elevator to the second level where you'll be welcomed by the reception desk with attendance. This is where they will check your tickets to see if you're allowed to be in. This lounge is free for all executive, business, first class passengers. One can also purchase a 3 hour access pass for $50 to enjoy the food and beaverages that are available in the place. Speaking of food there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of it. For lunch they offer two selections of hot soups - Canadian Pea Soup and Roasted Peper Tomato Soup. I tried them both :) they are good. Two selections of salad - bean and green salads. Didn't feel like trying them. There are also cookies, apples, available on the counter. For drinks they offer a handsome wall of liquors and some on the counter with ice or without. On tap are three selections of beers - Coors Light, Canadian and Guiness.

The lounge location is ideal for watching planes about gates 18 to 21. Spacious interior design with lots of lounge seatings, with plugs available for folks need to charge their electronic devices. The temperature is a bit cool in the lounge maybe because it's overcast outside.

It's 1pm time to leave the lounge and head down to the Gate 14 ready to board the B767-300 that came in an hour ago from Frankfurt. I am looking forward to trying out the business class pod seat on the plane but the ultimate experience will be on the B787-900 from Toronto. Got to go ...

See you in YYZ

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