Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Today I managed to try the hotel's roof top pool. it was awesome! It's the highest point along the beach that I can see the entire city 360. The sun prevented me to stay longer. Oh well, I enjoyed it and I will try again some other times.

What else is new, I learned how to say thank you in Hebrew, toda! and toda rabat! for thank you very much. That adds to my long list of vocabularies besides Shalom (hello)! with this pace I should be able to speak fluently in 2 weeks! NOT

I have to write things down in my notebook like the address to the office because no taxi drivers can understand me trying to tell them where to go to.:( oh well as long as I get there! the rest is details!

I must say Tel Aviv is a beautiful city with beautiful people. There are so many young adults hanging around the beach. They think they own it or something! I think they do. :) day and night there is always somebody jogging or cycling on the boardwalk that stretches over 10 km.

You know I like food so I set out to look for something different last evening to fill my empty stomach. So I decided to take a walk along the boardwalk and see if there is anything worth my taste buds, there are so many restaurants along the boardwalk. It's close to 10pm and now I really have to eat so I stopped by this place called Fish Kitchen next to 3 London. The two restaurant shared a patio large patio that offers seafood (Fish Kitchen) and steak (you guessed it, 3 London). Cool concept! Server brought me a surprise drink she said it's lemonade with Oozo, I didn't feel the Oozo! Anyways, it was late and my stomach demanded me to order quickly because it's almost bedtime! after looking at two menus I decided to get the Mini Wings for appetizer and Fish n Chips. Well, these were the only two dishes that I could afford, frankly! and I thought that should be enough food for the night. My eyes were doubled the size of my stomach (I am sure the people at the next table felt the same way but were too kind to say anything!) when the server brought the food to the table. There was a plateful of full sized wings (not MINI), a large platter of two large strips of fish over a bed of fries and veggies and couscous and a fair size side salad. Can you envision that? I obviously didn't!! Oh well I hate to throw food to waste so I devoured ALMOST everything just to show the next table that I meant it. I had to take a long walk after that to clear my system. HEHE

It turned out to be a late night unexpectedly. Here are the evidents. Wowsers!

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