Monday, 11 July 2016


I finally tried stepping foot in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time today. I was completely surprised of how warm the water was, it's warmer than most indoor pools! Anyway I had a great time jumping the waves. I was at the Bograshov Beach around 7pm the beach was less crowded at that time and more young families came out to play. It was awesome watching the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. 

I came back out to the Boardwalk later on in the evening in search for a place to eat. Even though there was nobody in the water at that time but plenty of people on the boardwalk. There were joggers, walkers, bikers, and skateboarders took over the boardwalk at night time. There was an area with gym equipment for enthusiats to work out and strut their golden bodies to people passing by. Beach volleyball is also big in Tel Aviv. In Gorden Beach there was an area setup with a dozen volleyball nets for the die hards to try their skills. 

Enjoy the photos
Beach scene

Beautiful senset

A memorial structure on the Jewish settlers

The warm Mediterranean Sea

Isrotel Tower and Orchid hotels close by

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