Friday, 6 January 2012

We're back

We made it back to Canadian soil last night at 9:30pm Pearson International. Flying United / Continental Airlines wasn't bad at all until we had to deal with domestic connections. It was bad ... 3 hour wait at Newark EWR. We survived the 15 hour flight from Hong Kong HKG to Newark on the Boeing 777 aircraft. We preferred this type of equipment better then the jumbo jet 747. The 777 offers more personal amenities like personal tv screen with a wide range of movies and programs. The kids really enjoyed their flight which made the parents happy.

It's freezing here! Eventhough it was only +2 degrees in TO last night, it was cold for us coming a climate of 32degrees 24 hours before that. Anyways we're glad tobe home. We are experiencing a bit of jetlag from the time change. We are hoping to hit the road around 10 this morning.

Have a good Friday everyone.


Ps. Enjoy your trip Ann & Howard!

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