Monday, 2 January 2012

January 2

Well we made it safe and sound to our home base early this morning. In fact we arrived much earlier then expected. The bus ride from Nha Trang was great but shall we say, uneventful! We were looking forward to this new bus style with the lay-down beds. Each person had a reclining seat that can turn into a bed. The kids enjoyed the ride completely as they settled right to sleep shortly after we left the hotel in Nha Trang. It made several stops along the way especially at Mui Ne and Phan Thiet at around 2:00am. It seemed that people (tourists) travel at any time to and from anywhere in the country. We were scheduled to arrive in Saigon around 7:00am but we got off at Long Khanh at 5:00am and took another bus to Hoa Long - 1 hour away. We got to sister's house just past 6:00am. We woke her up! Oops. She didn't expect to see us until 11:00am. Carol and I didn't get much sleep on the bus as we had hoped due to the stop-and-go so we just crashed when we got to sister's. But when we got up around 11:00am Chi Thu and her family were there to visit us so we greeted them over lunch. In the afternoon we decided to visit sister's farm which is not far from her house. I got to ride the motobike for the first time. It was awesome and easy. I used Bo's motobike and followed Cam with Emily, Que with Carol and sister had Mal. It was a blast.

We liked the bike ride so much that we decided to go to town to pick up some last minute shopping for Mal's birthday party tomorrow night. Carol tagged along with Que and I went with Cam to Ba Ria's market for some food and presents. We got back home just before 7pm.

ps. just wanted to send out a birthday wish to Tyler - Happy Birthday Tyler!


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