Monday, 2 January 2012

Hi everyone! I would just like to add a little something about the sleeper bus......if you ever have an opportunity to try one I recommend you do, however, may I recommend you take a bottom bunk. We were all assigned a top bunk and there is a lot more motion on the top. Plus every, what felt like few minutes, I thought I was in a bad dream being questioned under the interrogation lights with some sargeant barking out questions I didn't understand. Panic would start to set in and then I would realize that it was just the overhead lights right above my eyes (hence the recommendation for the bottom bunk) and the bus attendant calling out the stops. The kids, not being responsible for getting off the bus at the right place were able to ignore all the interruptions and sleep right through. Good for them! :)
Today we celebrate Mal's 8th birthday a day early with cake and presents and I work my final packing magic. Part of me is excited to get home but then I look around and I know I will miss the warmth, the fruit, the family, the freedom that being on vacation allows.....and I dread the inevitable jet lag that I may still feel when I get back to work next week.......

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