Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Last blog from Vietnam! :(

Well my friends this will be our last write up from the other side of the planet. As much as we are ready to come home we are going to miss all that VN has to offer. Some good, some bad, and some ugly experiences that we endured in this trip. All and all it was an amazing trip of a lifetime. There is so much that i want to tell you but there isn't room in this blog and also, I don't have the vocabulary to do so.... I'll show you in pictures instead when i return.

As humid as Saigon is this time of year, in 24 hours from now we will be facing the other extreme in freezing mode. Yuck!


As much as I am missing the comforts of home, I am getting very sad to be leaving. It's not like we can return any time soon. It was everything we were hoping for in a family adventure and then some! Phil did an awesome job of planning our our trips within the trip so that we were able to see and experience many different places and things in such a short time. And getting to know the family here made it that much more special. When I was out picking up items for Malcolm's birthday party I had the biggest smile on my face as I was ridding on the back of the vespa behind Que holding a birthday cake on one lap and several other bags hanging off my arms managing not to drop anything (no trunk to toss things into) i felt like a local!
If there is one thing I learned from being here that I want to remember when I get back into the rut of daily routine it is to never take the precious things in life for granted like family and friends, a job I enjoy that does not involve hard manual labour out in the elements and of course last but certainly not least, the comfort of the modern toilet! See you all on the flip side!.......and thanks for keeping me company during the trip.......


This was the best trip I have ever taken.. Not to mention the only one to this scale! There are soo many things i want to say but they're all crammed in my head so i'll have to tell you in person! During the "ugly experiences" as Dad had mentionned, all i could think about was to go home. Now I don't want to leave! It brings tears to my eyes to think that we won't be back here for decades, but i know i will return sometime before im 30! New goal! Lol

Until we meet again,

I had a great birthday party in Vietnam! I loved playing with the puppies at Co Hai's house and it was FUN riding the elephant! I got to feed it!


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