Friday, 6 January 2012

Home at last!

Well we're back!!! Home feels like a palace right now, a warm (thanks Jean), bug free, clean (it's all relative) palace. Phil drove straight through from Toronto because as soon as I sat in the truck I fell asleep. I dreamed that I took a turn to drive so that he could have a sleep but that didn't help him very much. He didn't complain though so I assume he was happy to be reunited with his MDX. There was no snow when I dozed off in Toronto so it seemed very strange when I opened my eyes in our driveway and saw snow all around! Aside from the 3 hour flight delay at Newark the only mishap was that Mal left his bag on the plane. Every other flight I checked and rechecked and counted all the carry-ons and personal belongings to be sure we had everything and on the last flight we were so tired (it was night time in Vietnam) and relieved to be on the ground that I did a quick scan and got out of there. It wasn't until we were through the security checks that Malcolm asked where his bag that was usually over his shoulder was. WHAT?! You don'thave it? It was just a few cheap toys right? Ah....and the whole stack of movies we bought on our last day for .50 each that were packed in a carry-on but when the bag was searched at the check point in Newark Malcolm saw it and put it in his bag (crap) .......and his iPod that was usually kept in our bag that was put in his during the 15 hour flight and not returned to us (double crap).....and Phil's nephew's wedding video that was in with the other DVD's, we were supposed to deliver to Phil's parents so they could see the smiling faces of their friends and relatives (crap, crap, crap, crap) Anyway, my fault, I should have looked more closely. We did try everything to get it back but with no luck. Phil tried to be like a salmon swimming up river to get back to the plane but one you are through those security check-points they seal up tighter than Fort Knox. There was no going back! We ran around everywhere at the recommendation of the staff but couldn't get any useful help from anyone. We went back this morning before leaving Toronto and after a thorough check (hmmm) it is definitly not in Toronto so we hhave to try Newark since that is where the plane flew back to last night. I'm thinking we won't be getting it back. Unless.....anyone know anyone coming back from holiday via the Newark airport? If so let me know and I'll get you the info to check lost and found.
Anyway, time to start the laundry's good to be back!


  1. its not ur fault mommy! :)
    lol and mal can have my ipod when i buy my new one! almost problem solved :P lol