Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Another Test Post

Today is the eve of the 4 week countdown. I am trying to post another page to try out all the buttons on this blog. Maybe I will attach a photo for good measure. It's one of my favourite art pieces.

It's November 9th and the weatherman is calling for a summer like forecast. High today will be 17 degrees meanwhile it's 30 degrees in Saigon. We can't wait to pick up some of this heat in December. It won't be 30 degrees in Saigon in December but I am sure it will be much warmer than here in Ottawa. If we are lucky it won't snow before we leave!

Lots going on from now to then. The packing, photocopy of paperwork, medical prepareness, money, schedule, the list goes on. We also have to get the house in order while we are gone. I also need to contact Chi 2 to go over the itinerary. I know she is really busy this week with her son's wedding on Saturday November 12. I found an excellent online travel agent. It's called Tun Travel @ So far this the cheapest site for hotels.


That's it for today.

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  1. Hello, uncle and aunt,

    It will be great follow your blog as you travel to (and prepare for) Vietnam. I can't wait to hear your stories either.